UMIDIGI Upods Teasers Broadcast Sleek and Small Design

Every successful Chinese company in the smartphone sector tends to expand its portfolio by entering into other market segments. Like Xiaomi, after lodging a massive success in the smartphone and TV industry, now it is serving the users in numerous markets like smart bands, smartwatches, vacuum cleaners, and many more. Accordingly, with a view to be more than a smartphone company, UMIDIGI is also working on to develop other smart devices too. Recently, it comes with the release of the 2nd gen Smartwatch Uwatch 2. And now the company is about to launch TWS wireless Earbuds set name as Umidigi Upods on 5 August. Along with, its in-display fingerprint sensor smartphone UMIDIGI X also will launch on the same day.

umidigi upods

UMIDIGI Upods: Design and Colour

On July 24, the company unveiled teasers to presents the design and physique of the upcoming earphone set.

As per the renders, Upods adopts the tech that Apple consigned to Airpods and similar to many other headphone devices. Correspondingly, the Upods are a pair of small-sized Earbuds with sleek and glossy design.

Further, it uses Bluetooth technology to stay connected with your smartphone. The charging case ensures the Earbuds are charged all the time. Moreover, it is a Black-coloured device with a professional and decided curvy finish to be all-around for the users.

The case is a tiny size box with round edges, which makes it pocket-friendly. You can easily carry it with you while travelling.

Furthermore, the company also claims that Upods is the world’s smallest wireless Earbuds with 24-hour lasting battery. The price of the device will be around $30. For the time, the rest of the spec-sheet is still unknown but will be available soon.

The release event will take place on August 5 along with the UMIDIGI X smartphone presentation. If you are interested to be among the first to get UMIDIGI X, you can also have a chance to win the Upods earphones thereby.

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