Vendors Will Discuss Huawei Ban With White House

Based on international media sources, White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow will hold a meeting with semiconductor and software executives following Monday to talk about the dilemma of prohibiting the selling of goods to China Huawei Co., Ltd.

According to the experts, US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin will even attend to the White House meeting, and processor manufacturers Intel and Qualcomm executives are invited to attend. The information was confirmed by White House officials, and in addition, he pointed out that both Intel and Qualcomm executives, Google and Micron executives may also take part in the meeting. But he stated that the White House’s convening of high tech meetings of tech firms was largely about economic difficulties.

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Additionally, based on an official who didn’t need to be named, the problem of Huawei are also discussed in this particular meeting, but that is”not the main reason for their assembly.”

The connection between leading US technology suppliers and Huawei is now perplexing because the Trump government has blacklisted Huawei businesses on the grounds of national security difficulties. Blacklisting Huawei implies that US firms won’t be able to exchange together without special approval, but US President Donald Trump stated last month that US businesses can resume their deals with Huawei in expectation of recovery. Beijing’s trade discussions.

According to Reuters, the US government may approve Huawei to re-apply to get a revenue license in a couple of weeks. Google, Micron official hasn’t yet commented on the same issue.

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