Vivo X30

Vivo X30 Camera To Have Three Major Camera Functions

Vivo X30

After we learned the VIVO X30 smartphone will come with an NSA/SA dual-mode 5G support and three new colors, there was another news concerning its next selling point, the camera.

As the official poster says, the VIVO X30 will use a new combination of four lens modules. At the same time, it will be powered by the industry’s longest 60 super zoom function. From the currently officially released camera function video, we can see the core points of two portrait shooting directions. That includes a 50mm professional portrait mode as well as a human eye tracking function. It is easy to determine that the smartphone will focus on telephoto and portrait shooting.

As for the 60x super-zoom function of the VIVO X30, the most important thing is the telephoto lens. The equivalent zoom range of the new VIVO phone can achieve a span from 16mm to 1620mm.

Speaking of ultra-wide-angle lenses for smartphones, Vivo began to add ultra-wide-angle lenses to the smartphones starting X23. This time, the VIVO X30 has added a 60x super-zoom function. In the future, more and more smartphones will sport high-magnitude phone lens solutions.

It is worth noting that in addition to the 60 superzooms, it also uses a new periscope lens. Whether it’s portrait, landscape or close-up shooting, the telephoto lens has a strong sense of space, making the content more prominent.

Also, the official feature video released by Vivo hides the upgrade information of the product in portrait photography. That is 50mm professional portraits are also reminiscent of the most classic 50mm portrait fixed-focus lens in photography.

The professional functions of Vivo X30 smartphone

At the same time, the phone adds professional functions such as human eye tracking. Its application principle is similar to real-time portrait focus by increasing the refresh rate. In many shooting scenes, this kind of real-time focusing can greatly improve the success rate of shooting. It is very practical and efficient for smartphone photography.

According to the currently available information, the 50mm portrait lens in the 4-camera solution adopted by the new VIVO X30 will be independent.

The new VIVO X30 series phones will be officially released this month, so stay tuned.


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