Vodafone Becomes Europe’s Largest Integrated Operator With $22 Billion Acquisition

Today, according to Reuters, the European Commission finally approved Vodafone acquisition of Liberty Global’s German and Central European operations for US$22 billion.

In May 2018, Vodafone announced its intentions to acquire Liberty Global’s German and Central European cable network business. Both of them with a value of 19 billion euros. After the deal, lt has become the largest mobile, broadband and TV service provider in Europe.

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However, the way to the top was not easy for Vodafone as the transaction was subject to strict scrutiny by the European Union. The European Commission also extended the review period for the transaction for two weeks this May 2019.

Today, after Vodafone made some remedies European Commission antitrust commissioner Margrethe Vestager approve the deal. This acquisition will ensure that European continue to enjoy fair prices, high-quality services, and innovative products.

The current modern society demands cheap premium internet, and TV services are available as that of tap water. To get this deal approved, Vodafone also allowed to let small companies like “Spain Telecom Germany company” use its high-speed network. However, according to Deutsche Telekom Vodafone’s concessions were not enough and were considering whether to appeal.

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