Will PS5 compatible with PS4 games or not?

There is a question, which interesting for everyone. <Will PS5 compatible with PS4 games or not? >. Now we have the answer. According to current leaks, the PS5 will be compatible with all PS4 games and accessories. It also will be compatible with all PS games in the future, making it the “ultimate PlayStation” console.

The compatibility with all PS4 games will be a major selling point for the PS5. With the new file transfer feature, users can easily transfer PS4 games to PS5. In addition, PS4 game progress/character data and other information can also migrate.
In addition, the PS5 will be compatible with all current PS4 accessories. For example controller, camera and VR glasses will work normally on PS5.
SONY is also working on Remastering Engine for the PS5, according to a previous HipHopGamer release. With this engine, the PS5 is compatible with all games from PS1 to PS4. It also comes with enhanced graphics to support 4K resolution.

The technology is similar to that used by Microsoft on the Xbox One. But PS5 will have a great advantage. How we already told, we can install all PS games in this PlayStation. It can be PS1 games, PS2, PS3 games and etc. It’s really great advantage because SONY will collect everything in one PlayStation. There isn’t another like this. SONY PS5 will be first, which can include all PS games.

Either way, this is good news for gamers, as many Japanese manufacturers are making a lot of money just by resetting. Now you can buy one PlayStation and enjoy all the games by that PlayStation.


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