Windows 10 S Mode “Stuck” Some Users Cant Upgrade To Full Version

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 and Microsoft Surface Proceed and other apparatus pre-installed Windows 10 S style. Windows 10 in S mode is locked only encourages the installation of software from the Microsoft Store. Moreover, users can’t install or download third party .exe applications.

Windows 10 S

Before, Microsoft enabled users to change the S style to the complete version of Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store. However, based on some users, the shop function was broken and it’s not feasible to change from S style to Windows 10 complete mode.

Windows 10 S

In Reddit, Twitter, and Microsoft Support Forum discussions, users reported that the “Exit S Mode” page in the Microsoft Store could not be loaded. The Exit S Mode page in the Microsoft Store presents a blank screen with no loading circles in between.

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