With Brexit EU Revised Regulations Now British People Can Also Register .eu Domain

Brexit is a major undertaking involving political, economic, military and even technological and scientific discussions. The European Commission issued a note before, one of which pointed out after the Brexit, while it is EU taxpayers or not provided that you’re a resident in the UK, you’re not eligible to enroll for a .eu top-level domain.

After the note came out, the exterior world reacted strongly and thought that such a law was foolish. So the European Commission Brexit EU Revised Regulations.


According to the new Brexit EU Revised Regulations, EU citizens living in the UK can still retain their .eu domain after Brexit. Especially, the following four types of objects can have a .eu domain name:

  • Union citizen, no matter where he lives
  • Someone who’s not a member of this Union but resides in a member state of this Union
  • Institutions established within the alliance
  • A legal organization established within the alliance

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