Xiaodu Smart Screen X8

Xiaodu Smart Screen X8 Recognizes Child Faces

Baidu today released the Xiaodu smart screen X8, priced at 599 yuan ($85). Pre-sale has started and the device will be officially launched on December 19.

Jing Jun, the vice president of Baidu and the general manager of Baidu’s smart life business group, introduced the new product the Xiaodu smart screen X8. Accordingly, X is a new series, which represents the strongest AI ability. The number 8 crosses over and is an infinity symbol ∞, representing the infinite extension of ecology and users.

The Xiaodu Smart Screen X8 comes with an 8-inch large touch screen display. The latter has a resolution of 1280×800 pixels and a 105-degree screen tilt design. Therefore the screen has the best viewing angle.

Xiaodu Smart Screen X8

According to the official introduction, Xiaodu’s smart screen X8 at home is equipped with the latest and strongest AI technology in the industry. Based on Baidu’s latest speech interaction algorithm, it reduces the error rate by 30%. The new device supports face recognition, which can quickly identify “child faces” offline and immediately open Kid mode, second-to-child exclusive desktop gesture recognition.

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It is worth mentioning that Xiaodu’s smart screen X8 at home supports “eye-wake”, the camera is up to 5 megapixels. Thus the users do not need to shout “small-to-small”, one eye can wake the smart screen up.

In terms of content, Xiaodu’s smart screen X8 at home accesses several major content platforms such as iQiyi, Mango, Tencent, and good-looking. Besides, the X8 also has hundreds of audio content such as Dragonfly FM, Penguin FM, LeTing, and CITIC College.


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