Smart Alarm Clock

Xiaomi Announced A New Smart Alarm Clock With 16 Alarms

Smart Alarm Clock

On the news of December 9, Xiaomi Youpin’s official Weibo announced that it will bring a new product, which may be a Smart Alarm Clock on December 11.

As can be seen from the poster, the new product supports setting the time with a granularity of 10 minutes. You can set such as 6:40, 6:50, 7:00, 7:10 … Does it look like the alarm clock, that helps you get up early?

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From official wording, this Smart Alarm Clock supports 16-time settings. In fact, everyone knows that setting a large wave of alarm clocks has the same result as setting only one alarm clock. You won’t get up until the last one rings.

So, is Xiaomi Youpin this crowdfunding new product? Is it an alarm clock? It remains to be seen what the 16 sets of designs mean.

In September last year, Xiaomi released a Xiaoai smart alarm clock. The product can set 30 alarm clocks, use dynamic alarms and supports snooze reminders. Besides, it can broadcast the weather in real-time after getting up every morning.

Smart Alarm Clock

It is worth mentioning that when you enter the nap or meditation, the 5 types of high-quality white noise will help you better improve your concentration and rest quality.

In addition, Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock is a convenient “notepad”. After setting the reminder, it will urge you to complete something on time. Even if you are not at home, you can remotely control the alarm clock and customize the content of the reminder through the Mijia App.


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