Xiaomi Announces Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer At 899 Yuan ($128)

On April 13, Xiaomi Mall official Weibo channel announced the new product – Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer. It will be launched on April 15 at Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Home. The original price is 899 yuan ($128) and the crowdfunding price is 849 yuan ($120).

The official article stated: ‘The balcony drying artifact ‘Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer’ is coming. It has a variety of intelligent controls, making the clothes drying simple and interesting. It also has a family-style load-bearing to meet the needs of the whole family. There is also a large area of lighting, which makes convenient drying and taking clothes at night.’

Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer

The Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer comes with the retractable hanger. So it can be stored in the host when not in use. When the drying rod is fully stored, the thickness of the fuselage and the occupied roof surface are actively small. It can be placed not only in small balconies but also indoors without balconies.

A large area of ​​lighting passes through to the top. It can effectively reduce the problem of blocking the light due to too much clothing during the drying process.

Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer Control

In terms of intelligence, when the Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer is lowered to a suitable height, gently hold the hand and the clothes dryer stops descending. After hanging the clothes, push the hand upwards and the clothes dryer will start to rise. The wireless remote control can be fixed on the wall, or it can be removed and held. And the clothes dryer can be controlled up and down, suspended, and illuminated. It also supports Mijia App intelligent control, which can realize ascending, descending, suspending and lighting operations through smartphones. As a new product of Mijia, the Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer is naturally connected to Xiaomi Xiao Ai Speaker. The latter can control the lifting of the clothes dryer in one sentence.


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