XIaomi folding screen smartphone patent

Xiaomi Applied For Another Folding Screen Smartphone Patent

On June 5, a Weibo users exposed showed Xiaomi’s newly applied smartphone appearance patent images. The information shows that this new phone is a folding screen phone. But it is different from the brand’s previous phones. The new phone uses an external folding solution.

At present, Xiaomi officially has not released any information about this phone.

XIaomi folding screen smartphone patent

As you can see from Xiaomi’s new patent of the phone, the flexible screen of the phone covers most of the front panel. The power button and volume up and down keys are located on the right side of the fuselage. There are speakers and card slots at the bottom of the phone.

XIaomi folding screen smartphone patent

In addition, there are multiple openings in the camera area. So there is every reason to think there will be many sensors. Particularly, this handset seems to come with a quad-camera. The advantage of the outer folding solution is that the camera module can be used both as a front camera and a rear camera.

Judging from the recent news, the momentum of the Xiaomi brand is a bit fierce, and it has successively applied for appearance patents for several smartphones.

Earlier, a patent with a rotating lens was exposed. This phone uses a rotating camera and rotating screen design. And the camera can be flipped back and forth, and even the display can be flipped from the front to the back. The patent we are talking about has had 7 camera sensors. This sounds unreal. So we want to remind you that when a company/Xiaomi apply for a patent, it doesn’t mean the phone will be necessarily launched.

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