Xiaomi CC9 Pro Will Come With 100 Million Pixel Sensors

Analysis shows that Xiaomi CC9 Pro is expects to become a new machine equipped with 108 million pixel sensor. The machine will release on October 24, equip with Snapdragon 730G processor . At present, the first mobile phone equipped with a 100 million pixel sensor is the Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept mobile phone. This concept mobile phone is expects to be mass-produced and sold at the end of December.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro

The digital blogger i ice universe broke the news. In fact, the millet MIX 4 is still there, coming soon, and will be equip with an Samsung’s 100 million pixel lens. Judging from the breaking news of Xiaomishka and the ice universe, Xiaomi’s 100-megapixel moving model does exist. As for whether it will be the same as the realme, the same main camera (three models are 64 million pixels), and other configurations are different. At this time that different gears are in list.

At this stage, the above news is only a broken news, and it still cannot represent the official will. It is only for reference before there is no clear news.

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