Xiaomi Cloud Service’ Find Phone Function Gets A Lot Of Optimizations

Xiaomi Cloud Service said yesterday that the smartphone search function has been optimized and launched for the problems of slow positioning, inaccurate positioning, and failed positioning.

Finding a phone is a feature launched by Xiaomi Cloud Service to track lost phones. Xiaomi Cloud Service has optimized these three aspects, including:

Speed ​​up positioning. From the i.mi.com page, after entering the ‘Find Device’, Xiaomi will immediately locate the online device to ensure that the user can check the latest location of the phone as soon as possible (in the case of multiple devices, the first 5 units are located by default).

Page UI optimization. The designer has optimized the device discovery interface.

Prompt for positioning failure. In order to protect the user’s demand for smartphone positioning, if a positioning failure occurs, Xiaomi will inform the user of the possible reason for the positioning failure as soon as possible. It is important to note that when using a search phone, the user should ensure that the device has a sufficiently strong network and GPS signal.

Users can activate this feature by setting-Xiaomi Account-Cloud Services-Find Phone-Turn on Find Phone. After the user’s smartphone is lost, you can log in to i.mi.com> Find Device immediately to locate the lost device quickly, let the device remotely sound, remotely lock, and delete data (make sure to turn on Find Mobile Phone).

Xiaomi said that if the lost phone is really unrecoverable, you can remotely delete the personal data (pictures, contacts, bank card information, etc.) on the phone by searching for phone> Erase data to protect data and funds. After the data is cleared, the data that has been synced to the cloud will be retained, and users can turn on the cloud service on their new phones to recover the data.


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