Xiaomi Developing Four Smartphones With 100 MP Sensors

According to XDA reports, Xiaomi is developing four mobile phones equip with an 108 million pixel sensors. Codename: “Tucana”, “Draco”, “Umi” and “Cmi”.

According to reports, MIUI’s Mi Gallery application adds support for 1080 million pixel resolution photos. Which are specifically for devices codename:”tucana”, “draco”, “umi” and “cmi”. All four code names belong to Xiaomi’s unreleased devices, which may belong to the Xiaomi and Red Rice brands.

Just viewing the 108 million pixel image does not fully prove that the four phones support shooting of 1080 million pixels. However, XDA said that in the past, several oem vendors’ gallery applications. Including Xiaomi, actually could not view large-size photos. This problem solves in the first batch of 48-megapixel phones was released.

XDA said that if these devices can only support viewing 108 million pixel images without the ability to shoot. It would be a very strange thing.

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