Xiaomi Dingling smart videobell receives the new Version

Around November last year, Xiaomi had announced a sleek-looking Xiaomi Dingling smart videobell under the Youpin crowdfunding platform and the product was a hit. Not only did it generate so many interests, but the product also received positive reviews. The crowdfunding exercise recorded a completion rate of 4000% and the product became sold out in no distant time. A new improved version dubbed Dingling Smart Video Doorbell S has just been launched.

Features of the Xiaomi Dingling smart videobell:

The Dingling Smart Video Doorbell S enhanced version had several improvements geared towards enhancing the performance. First off, the doorbell’s wide-angle lens is increased from 105° FOV to 156°. The new model now has a FullHD lens with 1080p resolution. It also comes with a higher H.265 video coding technology which makes video transmission faster and experience better.

However, the biggest improvement on the Dingling Smart Video Doorbell S is the battery life. The battery onboard is said to be capable of lasting for up to 6 months under the condition of shooting twenty videos of 10-seconds duration each per day. Battery life is also not affected by the ambient temperature. The battery is also compatible with most of the rechargeable batteries on the market.

Further, the new version now allows owners to save messages. For example for a delivery man to know where to drop off a package. Also, you can manually adjust the monitoring distance and humanoid recognition technology. In order for the alarm not to go off when a neighbour walks past a shared passageway to his/her apartment. The new product uses a 100 ° large PIR detection angle. And the longest detection distance can reach 5, 6 meters. There are three detection distance settings of Far, middle and near. This version comes with a new generation of artificial intelligence chip and AI human figure recognition technology to effectively reduce invalid triggers.

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