Xiaomi Eyebrow Dryer Sterilizer Launched: One-Click Disinfection

On February 29, Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunded an eyebrow dryer sterilizer, priced at 129 yuan. The Xiaomi Eyebrow Drying Sterilizer supports 5-minute one-click disinfection, and has a sterilization rate of 99.9%.

It is generally believed that the dirtiest toilet lid has a bacterial content of 100,000 per cm2. The razor has a bacteria content of 1.2 million / cm2, which is 10 times that of the toilet seat cover. The toothbrush contains 2.5 times the bacteria content of the toilet seat cover. The puff that girls often use is also “dirty” than the toilet seat cover.

Xiaomi eyebrow dryer sterilizer

The Xiaomi eyebrow drying sterilizer uses UV-C LEDs with a UV wavelength of 250-280nm to destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in the cells of microorganisms, causing bacteria and viruses to lose their vitality and reproductive power.

UV-C LED lamp beads have a life of 1500 hours. If using 5 minutes each time, it can be used 18,000 times. The drying and sterilization process only consumes 0.012 kWh of electricity. It is calculated according to the daily drying and sterilization once a day. And the mains electricity is 0.56 yuan / degree. It is 4.9 yuan a year, about 1 cent per day.

It also has a built-in PET composite heating element with a constant temperature of 60° C ± 10° C and 25 minutes hot air drying. After cleaning the functional head of the protective article, dry or wipe the excess water to dry, to prevent the humid environment from being conducive to the breeding and reproduction of bacteria.

Long press the power key switch and short press the power key to switch modes. When the work is completed, the indicator light is always on and enters the standby state, prompting to turn off the power. When the UV lamp is working, open the cover, and the UV lamp will automatically turn off to avoid accidental damage to the eyes and skin caused by UV rays.

In terms of design, the body of the Xiaomi eyebrow dryer sterilizer adopts the elliptical streamline design of the runway. When the cooling fan works, the sound reaches below 50dB.


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