Nato multi-function induction flashlight

Xiaomi introduced Nato multi-function induction flashlight

Recently, Xiaomy Youpin launched the Nato multi-function induction flashlight. Having dual-sensor lights, this gadget can effectively be used as a mobile battery, a flashlight, and a night lamp. 

The Nato multi-function induction flashlight is a three-in-one device. This handset uses three tools: night lamp, flashlight, and mobile power, to satisfy daily light demand and be enough for corridor light, aisle night light, charging smartphones, etc. This novelty will be extremely useful if the electricity is suddenly turned off in your house. In addition to a lack of light, this gadget allows charging your smartphone if you have nowhere to charge it. 

The Nato multi-function induction flashlight comes with 4 kinds of lights: high, medium, low and flash. The high light mode sts 500 lumens and its emitting distance can reach 150 meters. The battery life of this mode is 4 hours. The medium and low light regimes have 9 hours and 50 hours battery life, respectively, and the 70 meters and 30 meters emitting distance. 

As a night lamp, the Xiaomi multi-function induction flashlight is safe and saves power. Its sensing detection angle is 120 degrees. Also, the detection range is about 3meters. Thus, it will not omit anybody. The lights are turned on immediately when someone enters and turned off 27 seconds after a person leaves the place. Besides, it does not matter you have cement wall, wooden door or iron space. You can put this gadget wherever you want. 

Nato multi-function induction flashlight

Furthermore, the new multi-function induction flashlight sports 2600mAh lithium battery, which can charge your smartphone about half. Also, it can be charged in 4hours due to its powerful 5V/1A charging input.

The price of the Nato multi-function induction flashlight is 119 yuan (about $17).


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