Xiaomi Launched Mijia Electric Razor S500 at 199 Yuan

Recently, Xiaomi’s eco-chain enterprise released a brand new Mijia razor series product, namely the Mijia electric razor S500. It is priced at 199 yuan ($28). This amazing shaver is already available for purchase on various platforms, such as Xiaomi Mall and other Xiaomi channels.

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As an upgraded model, the Mijia Electric Shaver S500 supports 3 degrees of 360° floating. So it can easily fit the contour of the face, and leave no dead ends. In other words, it can easily cope with the beards in different corners of the face and can shave-and-remove them immediately.

Mijia Electric Razor S500

In order to cushion facial pressure, the Mijia electric shaver S500 adopts IFT suspension floating technology. The cutter head can be suspended and floated. So the shaving process will become smoother and more comfortable.

The double-ring knife net of the shaver increases the beard entry area. Now it is 50% higher than the single-ring knife net. Therefore, shaving efficiency is higher.

The body uses an LED digital display, which can display the power and charging notifications. At the same time, it supports the travel lock to avoid accidental booting. When there is too much beard, the cleaning/fault light is on, reminding you to clean up the cockroach.

In addition, its body is IPX7 waterproof. So the Mijia Electric Shaver S500 can be directly flushed.

There is a Type-C interface, which is used for charging. And it can be used for 2 months at full power for about 60 minutes.

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