Xiaomi FunSleep 8H nine-zone latex spring mattress graphene version

Xiaomi Launches 8H Nine-Zone Latex Spring Mattress Graphene Version

Recently, Xiaomi’s ecological chain enterprise FunSleep Technology has launched the 8H flagship mattress of the year: 8H nine-zone latex spring mattress graphene version. It is currently in the Tmall pre-sale starting at 3899 yuan ($554).

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The 8H uses a nine-zone interactive spring, which is divided into a nine-zone spring layer and a 2cm crawler spring layer. Compared to the 7-zone spring system, it can respond to pressure point load changes faster, provide a more appropriate support force, and increase the surrounding edge.

The 8H uses Bangladesh imported jute, which is a healthy and environmentally friendly natural fiber, known as ‘gold fiber’. Its unique hollow octagonal structure makes it have excellent moisture absorption and breathability and strong antibacterial properties. After compression, it presents ‘S-shaped structure texture like more than 20 million three-dimensional plant springs evenly supporting the spine. Showing a fine and hard sleepiness, it is an important part of the spine protection function.

Xiaomi FunSleep 8H nine-zone latex spring mattress graphene version

The latex layer uses the Schcott wireless radio frequency foaming process. This uses infrared to instantly foam from the inside to the outside. So the latex has a multi-dimensional density uniformity and a more even sleep.

Other Advantages Of Xiaomi Latex Spring Mattress

The surface layer uses the eighth-generation techleather technology fabric. The latter has a delicate touch comparable to real leather and far more breathable than real leather. Also, it is a three-proof fabric that is stain-proof, waterproof and scratch-resistant.

The coat is removable and washable, and it incorporates POLYGIENE silver ion antibacterial technology from Sweden, which is highly effective and long lasting without odor.

It is worth mentioning that the 8H nine-zone latex spring mattress graphene version also adds wool and graphene. They greatly increase the gloss of the fabric. Graphene has far-infrared heating function. It can promote blood circulation and interweave with wool to give fabrics better elasticity and higher moisture absorption than cotton.


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