Xiaomi Launches Mijia Sonic Cleansing Device at 99 Yuan ($14)

Today, Xiaomi launched a new crowdfunding product, namely the Mijia Sonic Cleansing Device. It supports IPX7 class full body waterproofing. It will start crowdfunding at 10:00 AM on February 12 at a retail price of 129 yuan ($18.5) / piece. The crowdfunding price is 99 yuan ($14) / each.

Mijia Sonic Cleansing Device

The Mijia Sonic Cleansing Device is only the size of a palm. It offers two soothing colors: pink and blue. It uses double-layer sandwich technology with a silicone skin containing antibacterial materials and a SEBS thermoplastic elastomer.

The Mijia Sonic Cleansing Device uses 5200 rpm high-frequency vibration cleaning. It supports automatic stop cleaning in 2 minutes and 20s reminder to change the area to prevent over-cleaning. The 3-stop mode (Sensitive, Daily, and Care) responds to different skin cleansing needs.

This product uses fine and soft bristles to deeply remove difficult skin dirt. As many as 1915 bristles are driven by multi-directional high-frequency vibration. They help you deeply remove residual grease and dirt, reducing pore-clogging, and better absorbing skincare products.

Our protagonist supports three-zone cleansing: the detail cleansing zone is suitable for nose wings and mouth corners; the deep cleansing zone is suitable for facial T-zones; the standard clean zone is suitable for facial U-zones.

The Xiaomi Sonic Cleansing Device uses a Type-C charging port with a built-in 400mAh battery capacity. When it is fully charged and if only the first gear is used, it can be used about 264 times.

With the launch of this product, Xiaomi once again proves it design products for all niches.


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