PrintPods handheld DIY printer

Xiaomi Launches PrintPods Handheld DIY Printer

Traditional printing is often limited to offices, and can only spray text patterns on flat surfaces and paper. In daily life, young people in particular often want to print patterns on water cups, computers, clothes and even skin. Recently, Xiaomi Youpin has launched a multi-scene handheld printer – the PrintPods handheld DIY printer, with a crowdfunding price of 499 yuan ($72). This printer adopts a pure white exquisite appearance and follows a simple design style.

PrintPods handheld DIY printer

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This printer breaks through the usage scenarios of traditional printers. It is capable of not only printing on paper but also having a compact size and the ability to print anywhere. Using specific inks, skin, food, and clothes can be covered with distinctive logos or patterns. And the object that should be printed does not need to be a flat surface. It can also print on curved surfaces like cups and arms.

This handheld printer has a body length of 95mm, which is shorter than an ordinary smartphone. The printer body and the ink cartridge are integrated. So the sleek streamline design makes it easy to hold and carry.

This printer has skin-friendly, invisible, edible, and permanent inks to choose from. They can be used for graffiti on skin and clothing, and can also be safely printed on food. There are also red, cyan, blue, brown, yellow, and black colors that can be selected.

This printer can adjust printer parameters, select pictures to be printed and input text to be printed through a standalone app. You can use the featured fonts and logos attached to the app, or you can upload pictures you want to print.

The PrintPods handheld DIY printer uses an exclusive self-developed 26mm nozzle. The latter is twice as large as other similar products. This simply means that it can print larger patterns. With the corresponding ink cartridges, you can print realistic paintings on your skin, make invisible marks on personal belongings, or print logos on curved surfaces such as milk tea cups.

A single ink cartridge can be used for up to half a year for daily printing. So there is no need to worry about replacing the ink cartridge frequently. At the same time, this printer comes with a Type-C universal charging port, which makes it more convenient to replenish power.

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