Xiaomi Launches Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set For Less Than $14

Recently, Xiaomi quietly launched the “Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set”.

According to the reports, the Xiaomi wireless keyboard and mouse set uses 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology. It also has a continuous and stable transmission signal. The wireless receiver is very compact. The keyboard adopts the classic full-size 104-key three-zone key design, including full functions such as a regular keyboard, keypad, and arrow keys.

the new Xiaomi keyboard’s greatest assets

The keyboard features Fn composite keys. The combination keys of Fn+ F1-F12 support common shortcut key functions such as volume, media, mute and song cut. It has a thin and light keycap. The surface has a slightly curved shape. More than anything else, this new Xiaomi keyboard with Bluetooth mouse stands out for its really slim design, as well as its energy-saving mode that guarantees a high level of autonomy. And it fits the arc of fingerprints. The laser-engraved characters are not only clear and sharp but also wear-resistant and reliable.

The mouse adopts an overall lightweight design. It is powered by a 7th battery. The weight of the mouse (excluding the battery) is 60g. The mouse sports the original 1000DPI precision sensor.

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The keyboard also has a natural six-degree tilt, which is ideal for making it more comfortable to use, avoiding the dreaded fatigue. To this, we must add the four indicator lights in the upper right corner of this component, which will serve to know how much battery we have left.

Xiaomi wireless keyboard and mouse set

Especially since this Xiaomi keyboard and mouse set is plug and play. In other words, you just need to plug it into any compatible device, whether it’s a tablet or a laptop, to start using it.

This wireless keyboard costs only 99yuan ($14). Due to this affordable price, the user gets a fairly simple set: the mouse uses only two keys and a scroll wheel, the keyboard has 104 keys (it is possible to control the media player due to the double functionality of the keys of the upper block).


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