Xiaomi Mall pet water dispenser

Xiaomi Mall Announced Pet Water Dispenser At 149 Yuan ($21)

Tomorrow on March 18, Xiaomi Mall will crowdfund a pet water dispenser. It comes with circulating water, four-fold filtration, and a crowdfunding price of 149 yuan ($21), while the future retail price will be 169 yuan ($24).

Insufficient or unclean drinking water for pets for a long time will affect kidney and urinary health. Xiaomi Mall’s smart pet water dispenser can simulate mountain springs. It uses a circulating water path, rich in oxygen, and has a 7° slope scientific drinking angle to increase pet drinking.

Xiaomi Mall pet water dispenser

It has a four-layer deep filtration system (microporous PP mesh, PET cotton, activated carbon particles, ion exchange resin), which can intercept fine particles, hair, residual chlorine, calcium and magnesium ions and other layers of impurities. Also, it softens the water quality and taste.

With a capacity of 2L, the pet water dispenser can meet the drinking water needs of adult cats for 4-7 days. The hidden circuit can truly separate water and electricity. This product supports intelligent anti-dry burning, and the nylon braided wire is not easy to snap.

Xiaomi smart pet water dispenser supports two water outlet modes:

  • Normal mode: 24-hour continuous spring
  • Intelligent mode: high-frequency springs during the day, intermittent springs at night.

As a product of Xiaomi Mall, it naturally supports the connection to the Mijia app. So you can get a phone notification at any time, reminding the owner to add water, clean and replace the filter element.

It should be noted that this product is suitable for cats and small and medium dogs. Thus, young pets and large dogs within three months are not suitable.


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