Xiaomi Metal Suitcase 2 Officially Released at 999 Yuan ($141)

In September 2017, Xiaomi released its first metal suitcase, made of 100% aluminum-magnesium alloy. It was quite strong and lightweight. The 20-inch variant came at 999 yuan ($141). After a lapse of 3 years, the new Xiaomi Metal Suitcase 2 was officially out today. The new product is made by Runmi and the price is still 999 yuan. You can store 12% more staff than the previous generation. The new generation of TSA locks are easier to open and close!

The Xiaomi Metal Suitcase 2 continues to use 5 series high-grade customized aluminum-magnesium alloy. This is a light material (weight is 4.1Kg) with stronger elongation and impact resistance. At the same time, it uses the 6 series high-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy box frame to support the strength of the structure and ensure that the box body can withstand greater external pressure.

The thickened metal anti-collision package corner is fixed by four rivets and is strong and stable. It is as strong as armor, coming with an anti-collision and a drop resistance. It effectively protects the box body.

Xiaomi Metal Suitcase 2

The Xiaomi Metal Suitcase 2 is also equipped with two TSA combination locks. The lock has been upgraded from the 1st-generation bouncing type to a flat type. The overall shape is more concise and integrated. One-click pressing opens the box, and the unpacking speed is faster.

What Changed?

The width of the cabinet is increased from 203mm to 215mm of the first generation, and the corresponding volume is upgraded from 31L to about 35L. So the expansion is about 12%. At the same time, it is equipped with a detachable partition and an adjustable Y-shaped belt for free storage.

The bottom of the box is made of four highly elastic and wear-resistant TPE rollers. They can smoothly rotate 360°. Thanks to the internal precision ball structure and the shock absorption of the wheel seat steering shaft, the life of the wheels are extended a lot.

Xiaomi Metal Suitcase 2

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