Xiaomi Mi 10 Development / Stable Versions Have Automatic Restart Problem

On March 1, Xiaomi community announced ‘instructions on Xiaomi Mi 10 Developer Edition / stable version using the automatic restart problem’. After a little survey, we found the latest development version and stable version have recently appeared in the situation of automatic restart / automatic restart into recovery.

Automatic restart during use

The instructions pointed out that after investigation, most of them were caused by system interface problems on Android Q. We understand that the problem has been resolved at present, and users can manually restart the smartphone after a period of normal use of the network to avoid this problem.

The description indicates that the automatic restart caused by other reasons is still continuously optimized, and users can submit feedback in time if they encounter it.

Automatically restart in use and automatically enter recovery

We were informed that the problem is currently being located and optimized. It can be temporarily resolved through the following steps (recommended to back up “Mobile Butler” related data before operation):

  • Enter Mobile Manager-Application Management
  • Search for com.qti.slaservice (If you can’t find it, please check Mobile Manager-Application Management-“…” in the upper right corner-Show all applications, click and search again.)
  • Clear the data of the process.

The instructions also indicate that if you have also installed the relevant apk of the ‘entitlement management capability enhancement’ internal test, it is recommended to follow the steps below:

  • Clear the data of ‘Mobile Manager’ and ‘Authorization Management’
  • Uninstall updates for ‘Mobile Manager’ and ‘Authorization Management’
  • Clear the data of two software

In addition, you need to turn off ‘Network Acceleration’ in the ‘Game Acceleration’ function after the operation. Users who still cannot solve the problem after the operation, please continue to post feedback, check ‘Upload problem log’, and add ‘[have followed the announcement steps]’ before the content of the post.


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