Xiaomi Mi 10 Series’ 100MP Camera Is Ideal For Shooting People

Prior to the online press conference, the camera specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 10 series were revealed. This series is Xiaomi’s strongest imaging smartphone so far, which brings a comprehensive improvement of 100MP lenses:

108MP custom Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX, this is the first large-size mobile image sensor with a light sensing area of ​​1/1.33 inches. It can absorb more light than other small sensors in low light conditions. At the same time, through the 4-in-1 pixel merge technology (Tetracell), it can output brighter 27-megapixel photos.

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On February 28, Lei Jun said that 100MP can not only take photos with super high resolution, as a 25mm focal length, but also very suitable for shooting people. While releasing a street photo, he thought: ‘The young people in the sample walking on the streets of Tokyo by bike, the scattered lights and shadows are connected to the streets, as if time stops, we can feel the peace. The light and shadow shooting tests the ability of the lens, and you can see that the light and shadow performance of this picture is very delicate.’

The angle of view of 50mm focal length is closest to the angle of view of the human eye, and also has its own limitations. As a middle focus, it is inexorable in many occasions, and it is not easy to take a suitable scene.

Compared with the former, 25mm can be used for scenery, urban architecture, indoors, street sketches, humanistic documentaries, and even portrait close-ups. It has a wider range of use because we are dealing with a wide-angle lens. For documentary humanities and street photography, 25mm contrast medium telephoto encouraging richer environmental content, close-up shooting can also achieve the effect of blurring.

The following are the actual photos of the CC9 Pro released by Xiaomi earlier. You can refer to the difference between the 25mm focal length and the medium telephoto.

25mm focal length main photo
50mm standard portrait lens
Super telephoto lens


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