Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi Mi 6 Getting Major Update With Many Bug Fixes

The Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone recently got the latest MIUI 11 stable version update. After the update, the system version was changed to MIUI-V11.0.5.0.PCACNXM. It brings many bug fixes such as notification bar, network assistant, security center, Xiaomi cloud service, screen capture, etc.

Xiaomi Mi 6

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Here are the specific updates:

  1. Status bar, notification bar

Fixed the issue that the app notification settings page cannot be accessed through the notification bar in the smartphone avatar.

Fixed the issue that the occasional notification bar could not be pulled down.

  • Network Assistant

Fixed the problem of incorrect whitelist statistics.

Fix the problem of stuttering when searching for the application in some cases.

Fixed the problem of abnormal network control rules after SIM card exchange.

  • Security Center

Fixed the red envelope assistant not displaying floating windows in the avatar space.

  • Xiaomi Cloud Service

Fixed the problem that the system keeps popping up the device and cannot recognize the device ID.

  • Other

Fixed the problem of overlapping images at the bottom of the long screenshot.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is the flagship smartphone released by Xiaomi in April 2017. At that time, as the earliest phone equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor in China, it attracted a large number of users. In the past three years, there are still a lot of Xiaomi Mi 6 users who have not replaced the new machine, and they are also nicknamed ‘nail households’.

Xiaomi Mi 6

We were informed that according to data previously disclosed by Xiaoteng Product Director Wang Teng, Xiaomi Mi 6 ranked first among the source of replacement for Xiaomi Mi 10’s first batch of users.


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