Mijia Unveiled a Xiaomi Microwave Oven with Voice and App Control

Everything today is used with voice control, and xiaomi has made the kitchen more easy now with the new upgrade of the Xiaomi Microwave oven which comes with the voice control and phone app.

Xiaomi has penetrated almost all the electronic device segments under its sub-brands. Now, it has come up with its unique concept in a Microwave Oven. The cocking device is said to be embraced with the wireless connectivity through Voice control and App control as well. Xiaomi Microwave oven is the new product from company with voice control.

Features of Xiaomi microwave Oven

Xiaomi has initiated a campaign for fundraising for the microwave oven through its collective financing platform. The microwave was released under the sub-brand Mijia in the smart home appliances category. The main attraction is the microcrystalline plating.

Xiaomi microwave oven

The Xiaomi Microwave oven has yet to start his official sale journey in the market. It concludes wireless operations through a Smartphone. You can command the oven using a Mijia App.

For the purpose, the microwave comes with the WIFI IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard. Else, you can control the Xiaomi Microwave oven through a voice command.

Moreover, the company also recognized safety standards and adopts turbulent structure design, triple door lock protection switch, four-layer tempered glass door, high-efficiency shielding and new mesh design.

The microwave continues with a simple and white-coloured physique with 20 litres of an internal volume. Likewise, the physical dimensions are at 447x347x281mm along with the 12.1kg of weight.

Technically speaking, the oven hosts many heating modes along with special mode for defrosting meal. It works on 1150W power and 700W large firepower heating. Further, it concludes microcrystalline plate heating for even food processing. It doesn’t need to rotate and prevents soup food heating with sufficient cavity space.

The food is evenly heat and after easy to clean the oven. Notably, the microwave comprises a 60-second high-fire fast-heat mode alongside four modes of Recipe, Sterilization, self-selection, and thawing. It holds a knob to press for heating.

The Mijia Microwave Oven will hit the sale on August 1 with the price tag of $58.

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