Xiaomi Mijia smart safe deposit box

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Safe Deposit Box Launched At 649 Yuan ($95)

Today, the Xiaomi Mijia smart safe deposit box went on crowdfunding on Xiaomi Mall. The crowdfunding price is 599 yuan ($88) and the retail price is 649 yuan ($95). The crowdfunding will officially start on September 9.

Xiaomi Mijia smart safe deposit box

According to the official introduction, you can use the Mijia smart safe deposit box to store valuables. The safe deposit box is made of high-strength material, and the lock installation part and the lock bolt part are built-in 65Mn anti-drilling steel plate. This material is often used in high-strength structures such as large ships and bridges. It has excellent anti-drilling ability and can effectively enhance the anti-destructive performance of the box. The safe deposit box has 6 unlocking methods – fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, one-time password, Bluetooth unlocking, key unlocking and dual verification unlocking, and the fingerprint recognition rate is as high as 97.44%.

The Mijia smart safe deposit box uses a straight plug-in lock cylinder to penetrate the lock body. Even if the panel is violently damaged, the internal lock cylinder can still ensure the safety of items. The lock cylinder has the grade C, which is the current high standard in the industry and has a stronger ability to prevent technical opening.

Xiaomi Mijia smart safe deposit box

Unlocking Methods

The Mijia smart safe deposit box supports 20-digit virtual passwords. You can enter virtual garbled codes before and after the real password to prevent peeping and effectively protect the real password. You can remotely issue a one-time password through the Mijia app without a gateway. It is worth mentioning that if the user unlocks under duress, he can also use the preset ‘anti-duress fingerprint’ to unlock the lock. After the fingerprint is identified, the emergency contact will be notified by phone to alarm.

Users can conduct one-stop management of Mijia smart safe deposit boxes through the Mijia app. They can view remote unlocking records and various alarm reminders at any time. In terms of battery life, the Mijia smart safe deposit box is powered by 4 AA batteries. They can be used normally for one year. And it supports Type-C emergency charging.


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