Xiaomi MIX Alpha price announcement $2801

Xiaomi 5G new product release meeting is coming to an end. Lei Jun officially announced the price of Xiaomi MIX Alpha: $2801.

Xiaomi MIX Alpha

Xiaomi MIX Alpha uses a 180.6% screen surround screen. The screen uses layered wrap-around technology, 360° protective material fit, and screw-in assembly technology. The entire phone has almost no chin and forehead, and the width is only 2.15 mm. The handset, front camera, and side buttons all disappear.

In addition, Xiaomi MIX Alpha supports new screen sound technology and screen fingerprint technology. It is placed in the antenna with a width of only 0.8 mm at the top of the phone. The MIX Alpha contains 8 antenna areas, supporting GPS, WiFi, 5G, dual card and full Netcom. Wait.

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