Xiaomi Multi-Read

Xiaomi Multi-Read E-Books Support Baidu Web Disk

Today, one month after the crowdfunding Xiaomi company announced, it officially released the multi-read e-book. The Xiaomi Multi-Read is priced at 599 yuan ($80). In fact, 20 yuan more than the crowdfunding price.

The Xiaomi’s multi-read e-book sports a 6-inch e-ink display and 212ppi high resolution with a glare-free surface treatment, giving a paper-like reading experience. In addition, the product’s built-in 24-level reading light can perform fine dimming, and the brightness uniformity is too high of 94%. As a result, we can in order to obtain a clearer and more comfortable reading experience in different light environments.

Overall, the Xiaomi’s multi-read e-book’s weight is 178g and it has an 8.3mm ultra-thin body. This e-book reader has rounded chamfered design and the skin-friendly anti-fingerprint coating on the back. Thus, you can hold it with one or two hands, which is very convenient․

Mounted on the body of this device, the top power button is used to lock the screen and turn on/off. Also, at the bottom of the body, you can see the Type-C charging/data interface and charging interface.

In terms of configuration, the Xiaomi Multi-Read e-book supports an Allwinner quad-core and 1.8GHz processor. This product runs on Android 8.1 operating system, and also comes with 1GB of RAM. Also, it has 16GB of large storage, which can store more than 5,000 books.

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This e-book reader sports a large 1800mAh battery and can stand by for several weeks on a single charge.

In fact, it can read more electronic paper books and directly read and read massive online bookstores, including genuine books, web articles, and comics.

By the way, users can choose to log in to Xiaomi / WeChat accounts, and the device can synchronize all personal data immediately.

At the same time, it also supports logging into Baidu cloud disk and multi-viewing the cloud and downloading content in a readable format in the cloud space. As a result, you can be downloaded documents, contracts, work materials in the multi-read e-books.


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