Mijia Sweeping

Xiaomi Released Its Cheapest Mijia Sweeping Robot 1C

Mijia Sweeping

A few days ago, Xiaomi released its cheapest Mijia sweeping robot 1C․The product comes with an intelligent electric control water tank, 2500Pa super suction. The 1C priced at 1299 yuan ($180).

The Mijia Sweeper Robot 1C is powered by a high-speed visual navigation system. As a result, the cleaner collects up to 30,000 feature points per second and creates maps faster and more accurately.

It uses professional OV vision sensors and simulation of neural network algorithms. The 50 times per second path calculation can maintain dynamic surveying while traveling. This makes the map drawing more accurate and efficient.

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This device has a visual navigation and dual gyroscopes system. In addition, it has optical flow sensors and multiple auxiliary positioning. As a result, the device can obtain position information more accurately and completely. It comes with a CortexTM-A7 quad-core data processing chip and a dual core Mali400 image processing unit. With the VSLAM algorithm, the computing power is stronger. It can locate the exact position of the robot in real time and intelligently map the working path.

In terms of performance, the powerful NIDEC brushless motor in Japan uses strong suction power. Besides, the Mijia sweeping robot 1C is suction the dust and dirt, which are suck into the floor gaps.

Mijia Sweeping

The Mijia sweeping robot 1C fuselage is equipped with 15 types of high precision sensors. Also, the product has a stronger ability to adapt to the environment. As a result, it helps to better perform actions such as anti-fall. The 1C has an infrared anti-collision relief, and obstacle avoidance.


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