Xiaomi Releases The Class 70-step Vacuum Cleaner

At the beginning of 2020, Xiaomi EcoChain launched the class 70-step vacuum cleaner. It is suitable for car owners and is priced at 199 yuan (29$).

The class 70-step vacuum cleaner supports wireless handheld devices. It is easy to operate, turns vacuum mode on with one click, and clears debris from all areas. Considering that it is handheld, the 70-step vacuum cleaner is only 312mm in length and 73mm in diameter. The entire product is lightweight and compact.

In addition to cars, the class 70-step vacuum cleaner is also equipped with different interfaces in different situations.  The cleaner can also clean up spaces such as homes and offices, truly achieving the multiple uses of a machine. The included extended flat suction head can deeply clean the narrow gaps of seats, sofas, etc. Anti-static brush can remove stubborn dirt on the workbench and keyboard.

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In terms of performance, this class 70-step vacuum cleaner uses Japan’s Kawasaki silicon steel core and silver-containing carbon brushes. The rotation speed is 32,000 rpm per minute, which can achieve a large suction power of 5000Pa.

The class 70-step vacuum cleaner uses a double-layer filter system, a primary filter to block large particles. It also uses a HEPA11 filter to remove particles with a diameter of 0.5 micron (equivalent to 1/120 of the hair diameter).

In terms of battery life, the 70-step vacuum cleaner has 4 built-in high-performance power lithium batteries. It can reach a high power of 4000mAh, and the battery life is up to 24 minutes. It uses Type-C fast charging interface and supports 5V / 1A-3A charger.


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