Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ version 2K

Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Version 2K Released at 199 yuan ($28)

At Mi Fan Festival held recently, Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ version 2K was released, priced at 199 yuan ($28). It will go on sale on April 9.

The camera’s 3MP F1.4 large aperture lens has been upgraded from 1080P to 2K resolution (2304×1296). So the amount of incoming light is significantly improved. Even in low light can capture the details of the picture.

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The 2K lens of the Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ version is upgraded to 6P, and the imaging effect is better. The lens is fully upgraded, effectively reducing the rate of light loss, and the imaging is clearer.

It also has a built-in 940nm infrared fill light. Thus, there will be no red exposure at night, giving the family a sleeping experience. With a high-sensitivity image sensor, it also presents color images under low-light conditions.

Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ version 2K

The Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ version 2K supports linkage with Xiaoai speakers, Xiaomi TV and other devices. You can view the camera real-time picture in one sentence through Xiaoai touch screen speakers. You can also view the camera real-time video in TV picture-in-picture.

Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Version Supports AI

It supports Al humanoid detection, combined with the application of Al technology in the field of deep learning, and has targeted optimization of algorithms and networks to effectively filter invalid alarms and make alarms more accurate.

The camera also adopts a double-motor head design. It comes with a 360 ° horizontal viewing angle and a 108° vertical viewing angle. It can be controlled by Mijia app to see which one is pointing. The panoramic drawing function will be launched in the future, sometime in mid-July.

The Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ version 2K supports three storage methods: local Micro SD card, NAS device (such as Xiaomi router with storage function and other network storage devices) and cloud storage.

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