Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition Launched

Recently, Xiaomi released a brand new smart camera, priced at 99 yuan ($14). In addition to the high resolution of 1080P, it also supports remote viewing by smartphones. The Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition is considered to be a cheap ‘housekeeping weapon’.

Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition

In order to meet the housekeeping needs of users, the viewing angle of the Xiaomi smart camera has also been increased to 170°. At the same time, it has an IP65 waterproof certificate, which is suitable for outdoor use.

In addition, the standard version also supports AI humanoid intelligent detection function, duplex voice call design, and has good overall practicability.

The Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition is a new camera with seven advantages:

  1. 1080P resolution, high-definition picture quality;
  2. 170 ° wide angle, wider viewing field;
  3. 1P65 waterproof and dustproof level is suitable for more application;
  4. It supports infrared night vision;
  5. Supports A1 human shape detection;
  6. Supports two-way voice call;
  7. Magnetic base can be installed upside down to facilitate various installation scenarios.

The Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition uses a high frame rate of 20fps, an oversized COMS image sensor of 1/2.7 inches, and a 1920×1080 full HD resolution with a 170 “wide-angle lens.

As said, one of the selling points is the night vision function. Six infrared night vision lights bring 8-meter night vision effect, with 18 levels of gray, subdivide night vision into 18 layers. So the picture quality is more layered.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition has an IP65 dustproof and waterproof design, which makes the Mijia camera suitable for more outdoor scenarios such as doorways, stairwells, yards, garages outside windowsills and other outdoor places.

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