Xiaomi haze mask

Xiaomi Smart Fresh Air Haze Mask Has 7 Hours Battery Life

Recently, Xiaomi Youpin has successively put on medical protection supplies, including masks, alcohol cotton, germicidal lamps, etc. Nowadays, everyone uses these products. Now, a smart fresh air haze mask has also been launched on Xiaomi Youpin for sale. This affordable mask costs only 239 yuan ($34) with an active air supply. It has 7 hours of battery life.

This smart fresh air anti-haze mask is called Haoting electric anti-haze sterilization mask. We know it as an air purifier. The triple filter is used to purify layers. And the air purification efficiency is up to 98.9%.

Its built-in 9-level coil and is matched with 61 fan blades. The air intake is full and quiet; 3 levels of air volume, active air supply design, smooth and more comfortable breathing. It also features one-button intelligent control, easily adapt to daily breathing needs.

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The smart mask has a very simple mechanism. After repeated ergonomic research and testing, the adaptive sealing ring designed to protect dead spots on both sides of the bridge of the nose, chin and other dead corners, so that the mask fits the contours of the face 360 ​​seamlessly. So the mask prevents haze. The aerodynamic valve cover design guides the airflow to discharge downwards. Consequently, it effectively solves the problems of the secondary inhalation of exhaust gas from conventional masks and fogging of glasses.

Xiaomi haze mask

How to use the mask?

The face of the mask uses the same silicone as the baby’s pacifier. You just have to follow the using rules. Remove it before each use, wash it with water, alcohol. Similarly, you can put it in boiling water to kill the virus.

Its built-in waterproof polymer lithium-ion battery. you can use the mask for more than 7 hours at a time. And a smart fresh air haze mask also has a smart power display for you.

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