Two new Xiaomi Smartphone (one with 18W charging) pop-up on 3C

The leading Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is moving forward to extend its portfolio with the two new upcoming smartphones. In the line, it just got compulsory certification and nod by the Chinese 3C.

As per the rumours, both of the smartphones can be the part of the Redmi 8 series. Recently, both of the devices got the confirmation for the Chinese agency with the model numbers M1906G7E and M1906G7T respectively.

Xiaomi smartphone Features and news

Further, it is also likely to expect that one of them with a serial number MDY-10-EC will support 18W fast charging. Similarly, the second line in the listing indicates that another phone with two model numbers received a nod and certification from 3C. It is most likely to have different memory combinations.

From the listing, it appears that the latter two models will be of low-end or mid-range smartphones. The company is going to ship them with MDY-09-EK charger, which supports 10W charging. Hence, it can be assumed that the upcoming flagships can be within the budget of each section of the society.

Now, it will be too early to know what the two Xiaomi smartphones are and what could they bring on the spec-sheet. We have to wait until official launch to grab on the features. As per the previous records, the Chinese company always brings something unique and fruitful for its user-base.

As the charging features are open publicly, so we can expect that these smartphones are most likely to come under the low to mid-range smartphones to join the Xiaomi Redmi 8 series. Rest is in the lap of future and we can hear the launch of the Redmi 8 series soon from Xiaomi. Recently, Xiaomi has performed well with its Xiaomi Redmi 7 series.

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