Xiaomi Watch To Use Quad-Curved Saphire Glass

At the new product launch conference of Xiaomi on November 5, this company will bring a variety of products, including the Xiaomi watches. The Xiaomi watch is ‘coming on the trend’. The manufacturer said that it is a real ‘smartwatch’. It can not only make calls or surf the Internet but also call cars and listen to songs, just like a small smartphone. Recently, it also revealed more details about the appearance. Let’s see what interesting design elements it comes with.

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According to the official report, the Xiaomi watch is designed with a quad-curved sapphire glass. It is not only strong and slippery but also looks mellow and is very popular in the industry. The watch is equipped with a high-gloss stainless steel bezel. It is exquisite and restrained, just like the art. The strap adopts an anti-allergic, anti-sweat and fluoro rubber material. It can be quickly disassembled. There are four color options you can choose from.

Xiaomi Watch

In addition, as Xiaomi has said previously, the Xiaomi watch is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip and has an open ecological operating system. So users can not only make calls, surf the Internet, but also install apps, download / collect songs, and so on. By the way, it supports headset playback. However, there is a group of interesting features, including taxi drip, heart rate monitoring, smart home control, brightness adjustment, remote control switch, etc.

Xiaomi Watch

Well, all these features are very attractive. But how much will it cost? Recently, Xiaomi said on Weibo ‘if you are not expecting a four-digit price, it’s better not to consider this watch.’ This simply means the Xiaomi Watch won’t be cheap.

Xiaomi Watch


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