Xiaomi Will Launch A 100 Million Pixel Camera

Today, Xiaomi held a conference with their future video technology communication team. The Chinese electronics giant also announced its plan to launch a 100 million-pixel future ultra-clear camera. The announcement soon came after Samsung Electronics jointly launched a 64 million ultra-clear camera. According to the Weibo post by the director of mobile phone products of Xiaomi, Wang Xiao. The Xiaomi next device will feature a bottom of 1/1.33 inches.

Wang Teng said, “The bottom of the 1/1.33 inch, do you know how big? I was shocked when I got the module for the first time two months ago! I will show you the first time when I go public”.


The 100 million-pixel camera is soon going to be available online for sale. The latest Camera will features sensor from Samsung, specifically 108MP, 12032*9024 resolution.

Today at the Xiaomi Future Image Communication Conference, the company announced its subsidiary brand Redmi will soon launch a 64 million ultra-clear camera. The camera will utilize Samsung’s GW1 sensor. The 64 MP camera will feature a resolution of up to 9248×6936, compared with 48 million pixels. Being the latest camera, there are some evidently visible improvements. 34% incrase in resolution, Remosaic straight out photos, photo size of about 19MB, and also can print 2.44m * 3.26m large poster.

Its competitor, Samsung GW1, uses a 1/1.7-inch ultra-large bottom sensor. It is around 34% larger than the 4800 and supports pixel four-in-one technology. The camera also supports pixel isolation ISOCELL PLUS technology to ensure high color reproduction while improving sensitivity by 15%. Moreover, its intelligent ISO technology ensures that the highlights of the photos are not exposed. And the noise in the dark parts is less.

Lastly, Samsung GW1 supports hybrid 3D HDR, intelligent pixel-level hierarchical exposure. With hardware-level real-time HDR, ensuring a more extensive dynamic range of photos, and bright backlighting.

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