Xiaomi Xiaoai mouse

Xiaomi Xiaoai Mouse Announced At 149 Yuan ($21)

Today, the Xiaomi Xiaoai Mouse was released. It has been listed on the Xiaomi Mall crowdfunding (you can participate in the Xiaomi Mall app). The crowdfunding price is 129 yuan ($18) and the future retail price is 149 yuan ($21). The crowdfunding time is from June 24 to July 1.

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The Xiaomi Xiaoai mouse comes with a built-in voice assistant. Long press the mouse voice button to wake up Xiaoai and unlock thousands of skills. This is also the first time that Xiaoai has logged on the computer and become an intelligent office assistant.

Xiaomi Xiaoai mouse

You can say to it, ;Open Word’, ‘Open Xiaomi Mall’, ‘Shutdown Computer’, ‘Turn the computer volume to 80’, ‘How is the weather in recent days’, ‘How much is RMB 92?’ and so on.

In addition, the Xiaomi Xiaoai mouse also supports voice input. So even elders who can’t type can quickly type through voice. It also supports voice translation and word translation (Chinese to English/Japanese/Korean).

Our protagonist also supports controlling smart home. Long press the voice button, move the mouth to open the air purifier, sweeping robot and so on.

The Xiaomi Xiaoai mouse supports dual-mode Bluetooth and USB receiver. After connecting with two computers, press and hold the left and right mouse buttons for 3 seconds at the same time to switch between the two computers.

Xiaomi Xiaoai mouse

In terms of design, it has an antibacterial housing (99.9% effective bacteriostatic), metal roller, hidden microphone, Omron 10 million times micro switch, Type-C interface, built-in 750mAh battery, and so on. The battery life is 30 days, and the standby time is 180 days.

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