Xiaomi XiaoAi Mouse Went On Sale At 149 Yuan ($21)

Xiaomi’s first smart mouse, the Xiaomi Xiaoai Mouse, was released on June 22. Today, the mouse was officially launched in Xiaomi Mall. So we can say this is the first product with XiaoAi support to come as a PC peripheral. The current retail price of the mouse in Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi is 149 yuan ($21).

Xiaomi XiaoAi Mouse

Long press the mouse voice button to call Xiao Ai voice assistant. So once it’s active you can do various operations through voice commands. This should make the overall operation easier and take the mouse use to the next level. Also, it comes with an antibacterial shell and hidden microphone design. The mouse supports voice input, real-time translation (Chinese to English, Japanese, Korean), word translation (Chinese to English), mutual translation (Chinese to Japanese, Korean), smart home control and other functions. At the same time, our protagonist supports Bluetooth and USB receiver dual-mode wireless connection.

You can say to it, ;Open Word’, ‘Open Xiaomi Mall’, ‘Shutdown Computer’, ‘Turn the computer volume to 80’, ‘How is the weather in recent days’, ‘How much is RMB 92?’ and so on.

According to the company, the mouse has a built-in 750mAh rechargeable battery, which has a battery life of 30 days and a standby time of 180 days.

As for the other aspects, the Xiaomi Xiaoai mouse supports 1200-4000 DPI adjustable and uses USB Type-C charging interface. The mouse measures approximately 115x 62 x 35mm and has a net weight of 103 grams.

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