45W Fast Charger

Xiaomi Youpin Launches 45W Fast Charger With Screen

45W Fast Charger

Recently, Xiaomi Youpin released the Basel Fast PPS 45W Fast Charger with a digital display. You can see the charging voltage, when the battery is charging.

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The Basel Fast PPS digital display fast charger has added the ability to customize the charging time. This will prevent the battery from spoiling when overcharging. It’s equipped with a MCU microcomputer processor, which allows verifying the required charging time by touch. When the battery is charged at 100%, the power will be automatically cut off. This is the way how we fend off the equipment from over-voltage.

When multiple ports are charging at the same time, the load of the charger becomes large. Therefore the internal current and the voltage adaptation cannot be judged. Thus, the hidden danger of overcharging becomes larger. The Fast PPS charger comes with a mirror digital display that can alternatively show the real-time voltage, the current and the charging time. It will help you to grasp the charging status of the device in real time, which is safer and more reliable.

The Basel Fast PPS Digital Fast Charger supports the most popular fast charge protocols on the market, such as PD3.0, QC4.0, QC3.0, Samsung AFC, MTK and Xiaomi 27W. The charger provides a maximum of 45W fast charging, which is compatible with notebook’s fast charging.

So it has a built in constant current regulator circuit. This means, when the device is low on power, the fast charging mode is turning on. When the device is almost full, it will automatically switch to trickle charging.


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