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Xiaomi Youpin launches ion skin rejuvenation beauty instrument

ion skin rejuvenation beauty instrument

That’s not a secret Xiaomi has launched many products for every niche. And though many know this brand due to its cost effective smartphones, there are myriads of other-category products you should take a look at. But you should also know they are designed and manufactured by its sub-brands. One of them is Youpin. Recently, the latter announced a new crowdfunding project. According to the official news of Xiaomi Youpin, the AMIRO ion skin rejuvenation beauty instrument has been launched with deep cleaning, lifting and firming modes. The price is 179 yuan ($25).

The AMIRO ion skin rejuvenation beauty instrument uses rose-red color matching and physical key design to reduce disoperation. The product size is 171 × 52 × 51mm, while the weight is 120g. With 3 levels of current strength, we can choose according to your own skin tolerance. The Ion Rejuvenation Beauty Instrument has a 600mAh battery capacity and a charging time of 3.5 hours.

ion skin rejuvenation beauty instrument

This ion rejuvenating beauty instrument has three modes of deep cleaning mode, nutrition introduction mode, and lifting firming mode. You can use each mode for a maximum of 4 minutes to prevent overuse.

In terms of functions, it has EMS micro-current technology. This product sport a 40° C warm-sensing massage head, and 631nm red light energy. The official said that it can penetrate deep into the muscle floor, promote collagen regeneration, increase skin elasticity. Also, the product can show a full and delicate texture. Xiaomi Youpin has designed a very suitable gift for a girlfriend, daughter, mother or someone special for you.


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