Zhimi KN95 masks

Xiaomi Zhimi KN95 Masks On Sale: Limited to 5 Per Person

Just now, Xiaomi’s official Weibo channel posted a notice that Zhimi KN95 masks (single pack) will be online at Xiaomi Youpin at 9:00 tonight, with a limit of 5 per person.

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The full name of the mask is “Zhimi Light Breathing Anti-Haze Mask”. It uses five layers of high-efficiency filtering to reach the KN95 high-efficiency filtering level. The filtration efficiency is up to 96%. The 3D split arch frame and the larger and more fully-used filter material ensures more smoothly breathing even when worn for a long time.

Zhimi KN95 masks

In addition, this mask is also available in five suit versions, priced at 99.5 yuan ($14).

The Zhimi’s light-breathing anti-haze mask uses high-efficiency filter media. It can not only be used for daily anti-haze but also prevent the spread of droplets and effectively block bacteria and virus vectors in the air.

It uses 5 layers of filter material for efficient filtration layer by layer: polyurethane sponge material, filtering visible foreign matter such as hair of branches and leaves; 2 layers of primary effect filter layer to filter large particles of pollutants such as droplets, dust and pollen; double-layer melt-blown HEPA filter layer. The fibers are superimposed and the filtration efficiency is as high as 96%.

Zhimi KN95 masks

The Zhimi KN95 mask weighs only 6.4g and has a 3D split vault skeleton. It uses high-density PE material as a strong support, which solves the deformation caused by the negative pressure of traditional masks. It can make full use of the filter material and bring a natural and smooth “light breath “.

In order to ensure smooth breathing, the mask is designed with a large-diameter cold-flow breathing valve with a diameter of 40mm and a 0.3mm ultra-thin silicone valve. It is sensitive to rebound and has high airtightness. It keeps “light breathing” and returns to the natural breathing experience.

Zhimi’s light breathable anti-haze mask uses TPU stretch film memory material, which is compounded with foam sponge. It has a certain memory ability for the facial curve. The longer it is worn, the more suitable it is.


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