Youpin Has Launched A Portable Fruit And Vegetable Purifier

Xiaomi Youpin has launched a portable fruit and vegetable purifier that supports sterilization to remove residues. The purifier also supports wireless charging. The crowdfunding price is 199 yuan ($27).

According to the reports, this fruit and vegetable purifier uses high-energy ion purification technology. Water is decomposed into OH- (hydroxide ions) and H + (hydrogen ions) by the ion generator. Part of the OH- decomposed takes away pesticides and bacterial (H +) on the cell wall and recombines them into harmless substances. The other part, however, OH-, combines with chlorine in the water to form hypochlorous acid HCIO, which destroys bacteria by oxidation. Hypochlorous acid can also release new ecological oxygen 0, which can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms by using its oxidizing property.

How to use:

When in use, inject tap water into the cleaning container, place the main unit horizontally in the cleaning container, press the power button lightly, and enter the standby state after the sound drops. After doing all these steps just press it to start working. According to the official, the pesticide degradation effect is greater than 90%, and the bactericidal effect is greater than 99.99%.

Fruit and vegetable purifier

The portable companion fruit and vegetable purifier is only the size of a palm. So, it is easy to store. You can also carry it with you at home, on business trips, or traveling.

The portable fruit and vegetable purifier uses 5V DC. It has no direct contact with strong electricity: titanium electrode, safe and stable. Moreover, it does not add any chemical substances. The purifier uses water as the raw material to be purified through the sending device, which is harmless to food and the human body.

Fruit and vegetable purifier

The portable fruit and vegetable purifier has a built-in 4400maH large-capacity battery, which lasts for a long time. It can be charged once and can work more than 35 times based on 5 minutes of work.


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