Zhang Zifeng Debuts Xiaomi CC9 Pro New Warm-Up Video

Xiaomi mobile phone official will officially release a new product including Xiaomi CC9 Pro tomorrow afternoon.. Guanwei also released a new warm-up video today, including the image spokesperson of Xiaomi CC9 Pro. Zhang Zifeng also appeared in the show for the conference to warm up.

Xiaomi official said that tomorrow’s conference will not only have a shocking experience of 100 million pixels. However, they also more new products worth looking forward to.

Configuration, Xiaomi CC9 Pro uses 6.47 inches 2340 × 1080 resolution OLED water droplets curved screen design. Supports frame colorful breathing lights, using the latest ultra-thin screen fingerprint recognition program. Equips with Snapdragon 730G processor. Support multi-function NFC and infrared remote control function.

Camera, Xiaomi CC9 Pro rear five camera: ultra telephoto camera (support 10 times hybrid zoom and 50 times digital zoom) + 12 million pixels 50mm classic portrait lens + 100 million pixel main camera + 20 million wide-angle camera (117 ° Large viewing angle) + super near macro camera. In addition to two optical anti-shake systems, each optical anti-shake module has a four-axis motor. It can effectively filter the jitter in handheld shooting. Support the new “14bit super night scene” based on the RAW domain’s lossless high-precision algorithm. It brings a “night-level” camera experience. On the front side, the camera’s front camera is 32 million pixels.

In other respects, Xiaomi CC9 Pro is equip with an 6GB/8GB/12GB RAM memory and 64GB/128GB/256GB mobile phone storage space. Built-in 5260mAh strip fast charging battery, equips with 30W flash charging, fully charge in 65 minutes.

The Xiaomi CC9 Pro mobile phone will be officially released at 2 pm on November 5

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