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Zhao Ming, President of Honor: SA Is the Future of the Network. the Sooner 5g Mobile Phones Are Launched, the Better.

During the 6th World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit, Zhao Ming, President of Honor, accepted the media interview after attending the 5G Forum. He talk about the product planning, industry competition and thinking about dual-mode 5G mobile phones. He said that SA is the future of the network, and the 5G mobile phone is not the sooner the better.

China’s mobile phone market continued to decline this year. Data from several statistical agencies showed that the market has fallen by about 15% this year. Zhao Ming said that this downturn is very stressful for all mobile phone manufacturers. This year’s event has been affected and affected by overseas markets. We once experienced a decline in overseas sales. By the end of June and the end of July, it has fully recovered until May 16. s level.

The mobile phone product plan including Honor has also been affect. According to Zhao Ming, some mobile phones including Honor in the second half of the year, including product plans, have indeed been affected. In Wuzhen, Zhao Ming announced that Honor will launch the 5G mobile phone Honor V30 in November. Zhao Ming believes that before the market launched almost 20 5G mobile phones. However, it has become an explosion, leaving little impression on users. Although the Honor is relatively late, but 5G mobile phones are rushing to the explosives according to internal evaluation. made.

“Honor’s judgment on the rhythm of 5G and the time point of launch is still very accurate. In fact, if it is earlier, Honor can launch based on Kirin 980 and Barong 5000. At that time, the product was launch, and the positioning and detonation of 5G was detonate. There is a gap in this market.” Zhao Ming believes that 5G still needs strong algorithms, NPU, GPU capabilities, and the entire development requires network and mobile phone mutual authentication. Both brands of the two Huawei systems launched 5G mobile phones around November.

Zhao Ming also revealed that the Honor 5G mobile phone V30 is a dual-mode mobile phone supporting SA and NSA. Zhao Ming introduced that everyone’s point of view is actually highly consistent, that is, SA is the future of the network. On January 1, 2020, the new mobile phone must be SA. Consumers have high expectations for 5G, these are high-end users, so the faster the NSA and SA dual-mode phones arrive, the better.

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