ZMI Purple Rice 10000mAh

ZMI Purple Rice 10000mAh Wireless Charger Now Supports Lightning Interface

According to the latest news coming in, ZMI Purple Rice 10000mAh Wireless Charger now formally released. This will be the first device to feature the first national MFI certificate (C jack 18W input and output signal + turbo mommy + 10WMax wireless charging). It can charge up to three devices at the same time. Without any need to attach with the charging, the cost is around $45.

ZMI Purple Rice 10000mAh wireless charger comes certified with Qi wireless standard. It can provide a maximum output of 10W and also charge the device while charging itself. You can easily carry the device with you thanks to its portability.

ZMI Purple Rice 10000mAh

To satisfy the demand of the users, the package comes with a Lightning data cable. Which is compatible with all the mainstream iPhone version. Flexible using the USB-A output interface and a Lightning input port of the wireless charging smartphones. Both charging and self-charging are extremely handy.

The ZMI Purple Rice 10000mAh wireless charger employs a high-quality lithium-ion plastic battery, which can be used to charge 2 iPhone XS. It may offer long-lasting battery life for smart devices like mobile phones, tablets, and digital cameras. After the USB-C single vent is employed, the highest output power can attain 18W. Along with the entire output, power can attain 15W when both output ports are utilized at the same moment. It may charge three devices at the same time, one cellular phone, camera, iPad, one for many charging demands.

The ZMI Purple Rice 10000mAh wireless charger features a one-piece metallic casing. It is resistant to collision and falling. At the same time, the item employs a high-precision resistance-capacitance apparatus. It may offer multiple circuit security and readily cope with different abnormal conditions. Such as overcharge, over-discharge, higher temperature, and short circuit. Intelligent FOD metal overseas object detection and protection can prevent the elevated temperature of electricity consumption. Which are a result of incorrect placement of alloy foreign objects like coins and keys.

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