27-inch Xiaomi Display

27-inch Xiaomi Display Review: Made For E-Sports Or Business?

Today, the Xiaomi Display 27-inch crowdfunding was out in the Xiaomi mall. The crowdfunding price of this 2K resolution high refresh rate display is only 1899 yuan ($268). Now, we are going to take a look at the performance of the 27-inch Xiaomi monitor.


In terms of appearance, compared with the e-sports monitors launched by e-sports brands, the overall design of the 27-inch Xiaomi Display is relatively minimalistic. And its appearance is more like the shape of a professional-level display for business users. As can be seen from the design, the 27-inch monitor is not only for gamers but also for business users.

27-inch Xiaomi Display

The 27-inch Xiaomi Display uses a 27-inch IPS panel, with a high refresh rate of up to 165GHz, and excellent performance in color reproduction. According to official data, the 27-inch Xiaomi Display supports 95% DCI-P3 color gamut and native 8bit color display, 400cd/㎡ typical brightness. At the same time it comes with a support for DisplayHDR 400 high dynamic display enhancement. This monitor has obtained the TUV low blue light certification.

At the bottom right area of the display, there are five buttons. The outermost is the power button. When the power is turned on, the power button will light up. The remaining four keys are function keys, which can be used to personalize the display effect.

The Back

The back design of the 27-inch Xiaomi Display is relatively simple, with the Xiaomi logo printed on it. The interface area uses a hidden design. The displayed interfaces are two USB ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

27-inch Xiaomi Display
27-inch Xiaomi Display

The 27-inch Xiaomi Display uses a magnetic interface cover, which is very convenient to remove. Under the cover are hidden two HDMI interfaces, a DP interface, a USB interface, and a power port.

27-inch Xiaomi Display
27-inch Xiaomi Display

It is worth mentioning that for the 27-inch Xiaomi Display, to achieve the highest refresh rate of 165Hz, it needs to be connected with the DP line. If you use an HDMI cable, you can only achieve a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz. A 27-inch DP cable is standard for the Xiaomi Display, and the HDMI cable needs to be purchased separately.

27-inch Xiaomi Display

For e-sports players, the connection of the DP cable will allow the Xiaomi Display 27-inch to play the most powerful performance. For office users, the general notebook may only be equipped with an HDMI interface. Using an HDMI connection, the 144Hz refresh rate is also sufficient for office scenarios.

27-inch Xiaomi Display

The 27-inch Xiaomi monitor uses a multi-directional adjustment bracket, which can adjust the display height, angle, and horizontal or vertical use according to different usage scenarios.

27-inch Xiaomi Display

Actual Test

Each Xiaomi Display calibrates color on the panel when it is in the factory. And it will get a monitoring report to ensure that the display has excellent display effects.

We used Starscream 5 to conduct a panel test on the 27-inch monitor of Xiaomi.

Through testing, this monitor has 100% sRGB, 84% NTSC, 86% AdobeRGB, and 96% P3 color gamut. Whether it is gaming, video, or picture processing, the Xiaomi Display 27-inch can give more accurate color reproduction.

The average value of the color accuracy (Delta E) of the Xiaomi display is only 1.5. This means that the color reproduction of the display is very accurate and can truly reflect the original color of the display screen.

The 27-inch Xiaomi Display has passed Display HDR400 certification. And it can provide users with a wider dynamic display range during game playing and watching large movies, greatly improving the display details of dark places and highlights, making dark details more visible and bright. At the same time, the 27-inch Xiaomi Display uses DC dimming to intelligently adjust the brightness, reduce flicker and screen jitter. It has passed TÜV low blue light certification and has no pressure on the computer screen for a long time.


The 27-inch Xiaomi Display continues the high cost-performance strategy of Xiaomi. Whether it is playing games or doing office tasks, the 27-inch monitor can bring users a top-level experience.

At present, there are many brands in the display market, and the product quality is uneven. Xiaomi has launched a variety of monitors. After Xiaomi entered the gaming field, the advantages of high cost-performance and excellent comprehensive quality, it will also prompt a new round of reshuffle in the display market.

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