Alfawise HQB - Q32

Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Unlike traditional headphone sets, the modern headsets come in wireless feature along with the Bluetooth installation. In a sense, the Alfawise has entered the market with the Alfawise HQB – TWS Q32 Bluetooth Earbuds. The headset carries advanced features and provides overall user-performance on all occasions.

Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds involves the most recent Bluetooth 5.0 version and binaural design to fit in most of the cases. Similarly, the IPX5 waterproof facility will allow you to use it in the rain, swimming, and all other sports activities. Therefore, you will get worry-free time when it will be your best sports companion.

Alfawise HQB - Q32

The Alfawise has also enriched the product with a powerful battery backup on the powerhouse. The HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds has a 1500 mAh portable charging box. It can charge the Earbuds for 15 times on a single charge. Further, each of the Earbuds has separate 50 mAh battery.

Talking about the compatibility, the Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Earbuds are fully compatible with most of the modern time electronic devices. You can play it through your Android or IOS smartphones, iPod, MP3, PC, Portable Media Player, and TV etc.

Furthermore, wireless headphones are the best for sporting events. You can approach them for the gym, running, swimming, and working as well. The Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Headphones will serve you everywhere you want.

Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds: Features and Specifications

The headphone industry is also at its strength with a competitive edge between the manufacturers. Wireless headphones are on trend as compared to the wired devices. Technology has made it possible to advent high-efficiency at the lowest possible production cost.

The HQB – Q32 TWS Earbuds are also the outcome of new inventions. The company has eliminated the complexities of wiring system thoroughly and produces a simple product altogether.

Next, we will review the major aspects and features of the Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds. This review study will take its strengths/weaknesses and other highlighting prospects under discussion.

Colour and Design

Talking about the appearance and external personality of the Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds, then it is handy, compact and of glossy finish.

The company gives you no colour options to choose from except for the colour Black. The charging case is also black; the combination is fabulous at the prima facia.

Furthermore, the HQB – Q32 TWS Earbuds are developed of an ABS material and imparts stunning touch feeling off the outer part. The size is fit to each ear with a rubber guard on end.

Similarly, the design is elegant and ergonomic, which surpasses unparalleled acoustic music experience all the way. It is pleasure to wear and doesn’t cause any pain in the ears while listening for a long time.

Each earbud consists of a 50 mAh battery. The physical dimensions are crafted at 7.50×5.0x2.50cm and it weighs at 0.06 kg.

Therefore, the Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds accumulates fantastic outlook with a relatively tiny size to be the musical companion for all occasions.

Alfawise HQB – Q32 Bluetooth

As we have already discussed, the wireless headphones are the product of next-gen. Now, how to connect Earbuds to a smartphone or other device without the wire?

For it, the Bluetooth feature is there to overcome the need. Similarly, the Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds also comes with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 along with the EDR technology.

The Bluetooth 5.0 version is quite useful in many aspects. It is compatible with most of the Bluetooth-enabled devices. Therefore, you have full freedom to enjoy seamless music through your smartphone, PC, TV, iPod, iPhone, MP3, Portable Music Player etc.

While you are performing sports, you can enjoy it from a distance of 10 meters via Bluetooth connectivity. Likewise, it has AVRCP, HFP, HSP, A2DP Bluetooth protocols. No hassle of wires and the overall music time will be wonderful and unforgettable all the time.


To ensure uninterrupted power supply, the Alfawise has installed a 1500 mAh power bank in the charging case. Therefore, the HQB – Q32 TWS Earbuds are ready to provide a great source of energetic moments.

Further, each earbud has a 50 mAh battery separately. The charging case can charge each of them around 15 times on a single charge.

Further, the Earbuds will start getting the power automatically as soon as we place them in the charging box. The charging time is around 1-1.5 hours, which can play music for unmatched 120 hours and talk time for 4 hours.

Alfawise HQB - Q32

In most of the cases, the headphones lack behind in terms of power supply. In fact, power is the crucial factor for electronic devices and it needs to be dealt with firm hands. Accordingly, companies are probing into matters to obtain long battery life at an affordable price base. The Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds give a 1500 mAh battery, which seems quite efficient against its counterparts. It also further helps to uplift over 30% of the electricity of your smartphone.

Noise Cancelling Technology

The Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Headphones hold non-destructive noisecancellingtechnology to deliver you the ultra-clear and quality-rich sound in HD format.

When you talk to someone, the headphones will provide you with HD voice recognition. If you even speak softly, the sound will be recorded clearly and the receiver will get a clear message in the noisy background.

The advanced technology filters out the background sound and creates an environment for the realities. Therefore, you are either in a crowdy area like a market or a hill station, the HQB – Q32 TWS Earbuds is all set to assist you with extensive approach.

Multiple Functionalities

This is incredible to know that the Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds can perform numerous functions. Usually, we got the headphones to listen to music, talking on the call etc. Many of the services providers develop these specialities only.

But the Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Headphones gives an all-around performance from the same device. If you meet a phone call while listening to the music, you can directly pick your call without taking your mobile out.

Similarly, it has an inbuilt microphone to facilitate you to make phone calls and noise cancelling technology for better voice and sound. Moreover, you can also switch to the next or previous song with the HQB – Q32 TWS Earbuds.

That’s the prime reason why Alfawise has become a trusted brand of global users. It generates quality rather than quantity to serve the customers with fully-furnished products at the lowest cost.

Consequently, the Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Headset can stream the best audio in real-time. You can be free of the annoying latency, interruptions and the electrical noise.

Alfawise HQB – Q32 Dual-Wearing Options

When it comes to the wearing style, the Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Headphones give dual-wearing approach in a free approach.

You can wear the Alfawise Earbuds with single ear separately as well as in a binaural method for stereo HD sound.

Therefore, you are about to enjoy Mono Mode and the Stereo Mode at all. Under the Mono mode, you can use one of the Earbuds on your single ear and focus on your chore. Similarly, you can also share your one earbud with your friend to share your favourite music.

Here you won’t face cable limit and enjoy seamless service with a free mind. The dual-wearing options of the Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Earbuds will give you exquisite sound experience while sharing it with others.

Ergonomic Design to Fit Each Size Ear

The manufacturer ensures the clients to deliver them the fully-flexible device to cater to their earphone needs.

Correspondingly, the Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds comes with an ergonomic and flexible design and size to fit each size ear. In the box, you will get L, M, and S sized ear tips to adjust as per your requirements.

Based on the stability of the triangle (Upper End, Side and Back, Sound Outlet), the headphones will fit your ear without leaking any sound. Therefore, you can enjoy deluxe quality sound while doing your sports.

Additionally, the Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Earbuds contain 0.15-meter cable to charge the case with the frequency of 20 KHz. The impedance is 32 ohms along with the 106 dB headphone sensitivity and -42 dB Micphone sensitivity.

IPX5 Waterproof

No doubt, the waterproof characteristic of the HQB – Q32 TWS Earbuds has come out as the high-rated highlight.

Therefore, you will get multi-season usability on the same headset. The earphones have silicon tips, which are resistant to water splashes and sweat in almost all cases.

Hence, the Alfawise HQB – Q32 contains an IPX5 waterproof technique to build a long-lasting impact on the users. You can use it while swimming, jogging, running etc. as the headphones do not accept sweat.

Alfawise HQB – Q32 Price

The Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds comes with an attractive price base on the Gearbest online store. Against its features, you can say the product is quite affordable at $17.99 after an 8% discount on the Gearbest. Below here we have provided the link for you to buy the new earbuds. Hit the link and avail your offer now.

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